What is all this talk about enterprise app stores about?

We are moving into app economy and that is happening very fast. There are many predictions on the marketplace on this trend with Gartner forecasting that 25% of enterprises will have their own enterprise apps stores for managing corporate-sanctioned … [Continue reading]

Have you modeled your digital business based on traditional business models?

Some organizations are trying to move into the digital world, but keeping their traditional business processes intact. I run into one of these again yesterday. I have been contemplating of discontinuing my digital Wall Street Journal subscription for … [Continue reading]

App Ecosystem and APIs

I am a big proponent of APIs (application programming interfaces). Many of you might think that I must have a sick sense of humor, but I am seriously excited about this topic. We have finally moved to a new era where software development is moving … [Continue reading]

Will your app developer be able to support your app use?

I believe in the new app ecosystem. I can see the change happening in front of my eyes and I can see this in many ways. I can buy and install value-added apps for our Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online solution without having to call anybody and most … [Continue reading]

Does your channel partner program play a strategic role in your cloud business?

In preparation to my upcoming workshops and seminars, I am updating myself on multiple different things in respect to ISVs (independent software vendors) and one of the key drivers based on the workshops we have delivered the past 2 years is by far … [Continue reading]

Will your web-site work with different devices?

It surprises me how few software vendors have realized to change their web-site to work with any type of mobile or tablet device. Almost a year-and-a-half ago I made a decision to make things simple and base my web-sites on technology whereby I do … [Continue reading]

Partner or die – that is the question for you to ask

I run into an excellent blog by Bill McComb, CEO of Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc. The blog gives examples of failed enterprises that did not understand when to partner and examples where it has worked tremendously well. One very well-known … [Continue reading]

Pricing alone does not make your business model

Most software vendors (ISVs) struggle how to price their solution, specifically when moving the cloud. Many vendors are trying to "retrofit" the current model to the new cloud model, but this just does not work. You just can't make your pricing to … [Continue reading]